Here, there, who knows where his gaze stops..
Whoever she is, she is here, but she can't be me, can she?
Wednesday, June 30, 2010 9:34:00 PM
fuck off it you cant make it any better;

im so fucking annoyed en sad. en hell yeah, HEARTBROKEN MUCH.

i want that KAKA waterbottle & that cute KAKA toy frm seveneleven, badly. i still couldnt gt. :(

call me retarded or wadever, i dun care. I JUST WANT THEM BADLY OKAY?! i cn even cry right now. gossssshhh.

so please. just fucking shit fuck off if you cant make it any better for me. seriously.

i cn cry any moment. i dunno whats up with me. but yes, im so SAD SAD SAD SAD SAD. i want that thing badly larhhhhhhhhhhhh!

i seriously want that thing. fuck it larh okay.

i wanna cry.

i wanna cry.

i wanna cry.

i wanna cry.

i wanna cry.

i wanna cry.


♡ biatchAMORE.

2:01:00 PM
my hearts says;

suddenly, tym flies sooo f-ing slow. i hate it.

♡ biatchAMORE.

1:03:00 PM
tiara is v annoying;

good afternoon, sweethearts!

i kinda just woke up. HAHA. piggy pork~ bt ouh well, im seriously bored larh okay. since my bro&sis have started schooling, im always ALONE at home in the morning till about 1plus or sometyms even 4pm! HW BORING CAN THAT BE?! yes, i gt the whole hse to myself bt still.. i gt both the comp to myself bt still.. i gt the all the 4 teevees to myself bt still.. i gt no one to talk to, you knw!!! HAHAH. i have been talking soooo much during the hols that it just suck nw okay, being quiet.. OMG TIARA! PATHETIC PE KO?! AHAH.

HMMM. so what shud i du tdy? i gt no plans but i really wanna g out but somehw, IM LAZY as usual. haiyooooooooooooo~ tiara, you v annoying can??! YES, I KNW IM V ANNOYING!

&&&&&& school is starting soon. i soooo dun not look foward to g school okay?! fuck larh. lyk seriously fuck. i lazy wake up early in the morning sial. in school, theres nathing to look foward to. well, except my beloved frens ofc.

uhhhh, kaylarh BYE! i lapar. i wan to eat.

&&& i shall read the books that i bought.

shall start reading LETTERS TO SAM first. (:

okay golek. CIAO!

♡ biatchAMORE.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 9:54:00 PM
the stars that i always look out for;

sometyms , i just wish that the two stars are still twinkling brightly as they were before..

so that i can sleep with a smile.

♡ biatchAMORE.

8:56:00 PM
thanks irahh;

heloh sweethearts!

okay, so tdy. i met irahh azlan. she was kind enuf to accompany the whole afternoon. (:

so, firstly, we went to bdok's LJS since both of us were craving for it since god-knows-when. HAHA. then, took 69 en headed to tamp's POPULAR. spent about $50 on books! can you believe that?! Letters to Sam; LOVE in the time of CHOLERA; The Red Pyramid.

&& p.s best part of all, i still have lyk THE PERCY JACKSON'S SERIES (5books) & (idk what the title. i forgt.) to read at home. OMG! AM I INSANE OR WHATTTT?!!!

anyways, lets continue..

then about 530pm, took the train en headed to VE to take my jacket. (i dun wish to elaborate any more. was so f-ing annoyed with the ppl there.)

& hell yeah, when i was drinking my honey milk tea, it brings bck memories. ahah. ouh, fuck it huh?! okay wtv.

irahh actually sanggop ikot me find my KAKA toy at seven-eleven. HEHEHE. (:


thanks irahh for teman-ing aku. aku tawu aku annoying. (: && ouh, irahh said she wanted 21kids! HAHAHAH! cb! ko dah mcm factory siol tuu!

ouh, pictures will b uploaded soon. hopefully. <3

&&& p.s to the soccer bebs; sometyms, i just dunno hw to explain stuff you ppl. you ppl find it annoying that i nvr turn up for training or the chalet en all, i knw. but ouh well. i just cnt b bothered explaining stuff. sorry.


♡ biatchAMORE.

8:11:00 PM

omg omg omg!

3-0. awesome or whattttttttttttttt?!
im lyk so happy, cannnn?! ^^


i still love you kaka! WITH ALL MY HEART! <3

♡ biatchAMORE.

12:00:00 AM

Sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow; we must fail in order to know. Sometimes our vision only clears after our eyes are washed away with tears.

♡ biatchAMORE.

Monday, June 28, 2010 10:29:00 PM

the other pictures can b found at FB. (:

♡ biatchAMORE.

8:39:00 PM
go brazil!;

my all tym favourite, BRAZIL! <3

230am, Tuesday.

&&&&&&&& best of all;

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ ^^
*singing&jumping around lyk a retarded*

the previous match, it suck okay cs theres no KAKA! its lyk eating chapati with no keema! HAHAHAHAHAH! stupid asshole gv kaka red card! i sad okay.. *crying* cheyy~

(kaka is an awesome play maker okay! just admit it, you f-ing bitches!)

♡ biatchAMORE.

6:33:00 PM
my all tym favourite song;

♡ biatchAMORE.

3:12:00 PM

heloh sweethearts.

all you ppl knw, i was craving for LJS, right? i wanted to g out en buy LJS until my lil sister came home screamin, "I WANT GO BUY NASI LEMAK!" &&& so, that made me change my mind en i bought Nasi Lemak instead. hehhhh.

(p.s im still craving for LJS okay...........)

ouh, anyways.

theres actually chalet tdy (the soccer team), but being me, i just cnt b bothered. yes, i knw you ppl find me f-ing shit anti-social en arrogant blahblahblah. but you knw what? I JUST DUN GV DAMN SHIT. thats just the way i am.

& since ytdy night afta i came bck frm town, i was so fking annoyed. then tdy, it didnt gt any better. fuckyoupeoplelarhsial.

♡ biatchAMORE.

12:03:00 PM

i am currently craving for LJS.
i am currently craving for LJS.
i am currently craving for LJS.
i am currently craving for LJS.
i am currently craving for LJS.



♡ biatchAMORE.

12:02:00 AM
my hearts says;

mujhe tumhari yaad bahut aati hai.

♡ biatchAMORE.

Sunday, June 27, 2010 10:32:00 PM

heloh sweethearts!

so, went to meet Iraa, Iqah & Ahmad.
then headed to town. walked around.

went to Lido's KFC to have our so-called dinner.
sat dwn, talked nonsense, laughed lyk crazy!

then, we took 7 to g home since tdy theres a match. ENGLAND VS GERMANY.
iqah&iraa, ESPECIALLY IRAA love Germany sooo much. so yeah.

in the bus, took pictures... &&& the best part is that, I FELL DWN ON MY BUTT IN THE BUS! paisey sial aku! HAHAHA.

iqah,iraa,tiara; *fighting over the hp*
tiara; *took the hp away. stood up while the bus is still moving* then, BOOM! i was on my butt!

since we were at the back, ppl turned behind staring at us, especially ME who was sitting on the floor laughing lyk a total idiot! HAHAHAHA!

its crazy but i had fun. LOVE YA BABIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! <3

p.s pictures are still in my fone. i v lazy upload larh. soon okay? either here or just FB aites?

♡ biatchAMORE.

2:08:00 PM
Stay by Miley Cyrus;

Well it's good to hear your voice
I hope you're doing fine
And if you ever wonder
I'm lonely here tonight

I'm lost here in this moment
And time keeps slipping by
And if I could have just one wish
I'd have you by my side

Oh, ho, I miss you
Oh, ho, I need you

And I love you more
Than I did before
And then today I don't see your face
Nothing's changed
No one could take your place
It gets harder every day
Say you love me more than you did before
And I'm sorry it's this way
But I'm coming home
I'll be coming home
And if you ask me I will stay
I will stay

Well I try to live without you
But tears fall from my eyes
I'm alone and I feel empty
God, I'm torn apart inside
I look up at the stars
Hoping you're doing the same
And somehow I feel closer
And I can hear you say

Oh, ho, I miss you
Oh, ho, I need you

I love you more
Than I did before
And then today I don't see your face
Nothing's changed
No one could take your place
It gets harder every day
Say you love me more than you did before
And I'm sorry it's this way
But I'm coming home, I'll be coming home
And if you ask me I will stay

I will stay
Always stay
I never want to lose you
And if I had to, I would choose you
So stay
Please always stay
You're the one that I hold on to
Cause my heart would stop without you

I love you more
Than I did before
And then today I don't see your face
Nothing's changed
No one could take your place
It gets harder every day
Say you love me more than you did before
And I'm sorry that it's this way
But I'm coming home, I'll be coming home
And if you ask me I will stay
I will stay
I'll always stay

And I love you more than I did before
And I'm sorry that it's this way
But I'm coming home, I'll be coming home
And if you ask, I will stay
I will stay
I will stay

♡ biatchAMORE.

Saturday, June 26, 2010 10:29:00 PM
to my dearest gf;

im sorry cs i made you feel that way..
you shud have told me..
yes, i knw you want me to b happy..
BUT thats not the way..
how cn i b happy when ure suffering?
thats just not fair.
you knw how much i love you, right?

& you knw how much i hate seeing tears in your eyes.

im sorry for being selfish.
im sorry for everything i did.

im really sorry.

i love you, with all my heart. <3

♡ biatchAMORE.

2:14:00 AM
my stars;

"Each star in the sky symbolizes one reason why I love you."

♡ biatchAMORE.

Friday, June 25, 2010 2:23:00 AM
just mayb;

Maybe if i had just looked away that first
night you came towards me, everything would be different..

♡ biatchAMORE.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 9:37:00 PM
jom jalan-jalan yok!

went telok blange to meet cik saf & maklong.

then, headed to jurong bird park. BUT when we reached there, they were lyk OMG! THIS IS GONNA B SOOO BORING.. [ lyk whatttt right! i wanted to g sia! lyk sooo semangat rdy! :( ]

(ouh, otw right in the car, they were lyk "ni jurong blahblahblah" kinda da thing.. =_=")

so, then, we headed to Singapore Discovery Centre. watched the 4D horror cartoon. then, we went to the shooting range. Rifle & Pistol.

en guess wad?! IM GOOD AT USING RIFLE, SERIOUSLY! almost everything hit target larh sey! cheyyyy~ ^^


then, since we were hungry, we went back to Tamp to eat Popeye! yummy yummy!

p.s theres still more pictures but its not with me now. its still with Cik Saf. will try to upload it ASAP @ FB, hopefully. (:

♡ biatchAMORE.

2:20:00 AM
i believe;

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that
you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them
when they're right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust
no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better
things can fall together." ♥

♡ biatchAMORE.

Thursday, June 17, 2010 11:30:00 PM

thanks for the day, PINKY! iloveyou!

♡ biatchAMORE.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 11:59:00 PM
shes my lesbian partner!

thanks for the day/night, dear. app it much. i had a great tym wif you. miss you alot taw! hehe. (:

♡ biatchAMORE.

7:09:00 AM
my frens du care;

at 3plus am in morning, i received a text frm Yul asking if im okay. talked to hym on the phone. thanks yul. that was very sweet of you. knwing that my frens care about me, i felt better. && you idoit! ofc i cry larh. my heart pain sial! HAHAH.

honestly, i thod that you cant even b bothered to listen to me. ahah. i thod you were just gonna say, "erm, okay. so?" HAHAH! syg ko larh, idiot! (:

then afta i put dwn the phone, rynn called me. it made me smiled even more. thanks. aishiteru, pinky. (:

♡ biatchAMORE.

Monday, June 14, 2010 10:01:00 PM
i cried a river.

"sape suroh diek tunggu?" "aahhh, diam2 sudah.."

thanks. i was fucking shit hurt afta i heard that. thanks alot.

i couldnt take it anymore. i cried a river. never in my whole life, i cried that badly..

it was random en my mind was chaotic. called Yul but i put dwn the fone halfway. i just didnt know what i shud du or what i shud say.. (en ouh! you hear me cry rdy, right? KEEP IT TO YRSELF OKAY! haha.)

"mommy! i need you right now.." i texted mommy that.

mommy went into my rm with a panic face en i hugged her tightly wif tears falling frm my eyes. for almost half an hour, i hugged her en i didnt wanna let go.

thanks mommy. i love you. <3

♡ biatchAMORE.

Sunday, June 13, 2010 7:43:00 AM
the end.

in a blink of an eye, it ended.

♡ biatchAMORE.

Saturday, June 12, 2010 11:52:00 PM
thanks alot;

call me stupid. call me retarded. i just dun care.

i went all the way to your workplace cs im fucking shit worried.
but hey, guess wad? you couldnt even b bothered.
ouh well. thanks.

& yeah, thanks for leaving me when i needed you most by my side.

if i wanted to cry, i would.
but NO! i decided to hold back my tears.

p.s thanks babies for being there for me. <3

♡ biatchAMORE.

Monday, June 7, 2010 2:49:00 PM
btwn you & me;

btwn you & me,
theres just too much differences.

way too much.

♡ biatchAMORE.

Sunday, June 6, 2010 4:53:00 PM

i lyk it alot when ure jealous. (:

♡ biatchAMORE.

Saturday, June 5, 2010 1:42:00 AM

especially for you;

so, there is this boy..
the way he laughs makes me smile,
en the way he talks gives me butterflies,
&& everything about hym makes me happy.

did i tell you something?
he is the best bdae gift i could ever askd for.

whenever i hugged hym, i nvr wanna let go.
& when i kissd hym, i nvr wanna stop.

now, he means alot to me.

i knw im harsh sometyms,
but i dun mean it at all.
im sorry.


♡ biatchAMORE.

Friday, June 4, 2010 11:26:00 PM
ouh shit;

my dad caught me with pantat under the block. SHIT!

♡ biatchAMORE.

Thursday, June 3, 2010 11:24:00 PM

watched MARMADUKE with baby. we were sorta falling asleep while watching the movie. ahaha.

it went lyk that wif a twist.. heheh.

♡ biatchAMORE.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 7:29:00 PM

i gt 5th. im proud of myself. never in my entire life i ran during NAFA. thanks baby. i was only thinking of you wen i ran. ♥

♡ biatchAMORE.



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